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We ship them so hard, so here are seven of the cutest couples from shows that we wish were also dating in real life too. Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitch (played by Ian Harding) were our #OTP from the very beginning.Now, with PLL coming to an end with its final season, maybe these two can actually take their on-screen romance to the next level and make it official off the show as well.Our roundtable thinks that people will be watching at least the first few episodes to see what the show will be like without Cory Monteith.Will mentioned that this premiere will bring all Lastly, the panel talks about the twerking world record!Massey said that he hoped his story line would challenge people's views on homosexuality and promote tolerance.Will later becomes romantically involved with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith), with the pair becoming the show's first same-sex supercouple (commonly referred to by the portmanteau "Wil Son").Besides this, she has portrayed various roles in her sister’s films. Ali Lohan's modeling career had already taken off as a child.

Various LGBT news sources have criticized the slow pace of Will's coming out story line, while others noted that Days of Our Lives was one of the last shows to portray gay characters.of December, 1993 in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, United States of America. Ali Lohan was raised by her parents with great compassion and care. and Lindsay Lohan and the older sister of Dakota “Cody” Lohan.So many of the It all started when Stiles was a young boy in elementary school who had the biggest crush on Lydia, played by Holland Roden.Now, several years later, these two are officially a couple on the highly acclaimed show, .

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