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Originally written by Bob Schlärmann, this panel plugin shows information about your local weather in the panel, using forecast data provided by

Attention: Please update to and try the latest version (see below or on the right) before reporting problems.

Versions older than the latest and greatest may be maintained and supported by your distribution, but we don't support them - if you create bug reports on the Xfce bug tracker for older versions you will simply be told to update your version of the plugin and the bug report will be closed.

The first time you open the configuration dialog, the weather plugin automatically configures itself to fetch weather data from a place which should be near you - based on your IP address.

Premium Club members can also use Weather Underground as an alternate data source.

We understand your concerns and will forward them to our internet department.This rate of pop-under ads is similar to many other major sites on the Internet.If you were at last year's Glastonbury Festival, the thought of mud is still probably causing you sleepless nights.For more meteorological goodness, you can tap on the hourly or daily sections to see every last detail you could possibly want, from barometric pressure to UV index. CARROT can also tell you exactly how much it’s going to rain, so you’ll know if you should expect a drizzle or a torrential downpour.If there's snow in your future, you can also find out how many inches will be coming down over the next hour - and for the rest of the day!

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Our team actively monitors all of the available weather data and uses it to improve the forecasts that we deliver to you.

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