Vassar college dating scene

Guest speakers are ubiquitous and often quite good, a great supplement to what you learn in class and an important aspect of your education.

And if you don't, join another and you probably will. Most doors are unlocked, and there's a nice sense of community and dorm pride.

Plus, they abound--there are more things to do here than you can possibly fit into your schedule, and that's always a plus. Small campus means people know who you're with or on or under.

(Then again, they're not entirely joking.) Let's not misconstrue that one either, though; for gay students, the dating scene is hardly a haven either.

Bottom line is that this is a small college so the pickings are slim on most sides.

You’d think I would’ve noticed…” is a clichéd but sometimes successful line. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian, but laughter certainly singles you out from a sea of wailing girls who “love this fucking song!!! But what we’ve got here is a basic take on Strauss’s modified “String Theory.” Before you panic, it’s got nothing to do with Stephen Hawking and everything to do with kittens.

” Once one friend realizes how wonderful and witty and awesome you are, his friends will gather around the marvel that is you, you social butterfly, and you can initiate step 3. If you’re a college-age girl, you’ve watched a kitten play with string and be entertained for hours.

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That's not so horrifying as it sounds as long as you're comfortable with how you lead your personal life.

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