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Enter Katilin Kapur and Anteros International — a brand new high-end matchmaking and consultation service targeted towards busy and successful men and women who don’t want to waste their time dating the wrong people.Anteros International offers a variety of services including digital footprint management (ensuring a consistent and positive image for online dating sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, google searches and the like), calendar makeovers to help you find more time to date, image consulting, relationship and dating coaching and even Tinder 101.He met a Chinese girl on Tinder and they chatted online for about a week before meeting in person.But rather than hang out at a cafe, she insisted on going to his place, he says. In the end, she was saying something about liking black guys and stuff.

Related: Dating in Hong Kong with Tinder Now that dating has become so much more accessible (thanks in most part to the phenomenon that is online and mobile speed dating), the result is not always as satisfying as it was pre-Tinder.

We specialize in personalized introductions offering exclusive date arrangements to meet your potential and ideal partner.

Individuals who join premium matchmaking services are ready for long-term commitment and partnership.

Only the guys moved from table-to-table and at the end of the evening, everyone picked who they’d like to meet again.

If there were any double matches, Rachael helped you exchange details.

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It might be densely populated but Hong Kong’s garnered a reputation for being a place where people flitter in and out — both literally and metaphorically.

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