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Among the events taking place during the games are Highland dances, tossing the caber and throwing the 16lb Scots hammer.The 14th annual football tournament for homeless players comes to Glasgow for the first time, having previously been hosted in places as far afield as Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Poland.The underage bride lured by John Mark Karr into a nightmare marriage got letters from him marked with the initials “S. Melissa Shotts, whose daughter Quientana Ray was 13 when she wed then-19-year-old Karr in 1984, made the revelation to ABC’s “Good Morning America” yesterday. * Karr asked Ray to “smile in a different way” so she could resemble a little girl. * Shotts said her daughter found Karr enticing because he “plays guitar, he has a Porsche, he’s good-looking. C.” – the same cryptic signoff found more than a decade later on a ransom note for murdered Jon Benet Ramsey. And I said something to him about it, and he just got angry.” It was also revealed yesterday: * That Karr trapped Ray in their home – refusing to let her go to school or allow her to bathe, without him being in the room. I never got to take a shower by myself at all,” Ray said.Here's a list of the top picks in the city this summer.An eclectic arts festival that's now in its 21st year, the West End Festival is guaranteed to have something for everyone. The GUI is working fine, but you are getting tired of changing your desktop themes.

It is difficult to explain the growth and the importance of Glasgow.

A true Scottish tradition dating back centuries, Highland Games were originally a way for men to show off their skills to Kings or Clan Chieftans in the hopes of landing a job.

Nowadays, they're a fantastic way to experience an authentic piece of Scotland's history in the form of an exciting and unique day out.

is shorthand for “Shall be the conqueror,” which Karr once wrote in a high-school classmate’s yearbook. ” I asked him that I know when I went to bed Tuesday and now I’m waking up on Thursday.

Keith Ablow Show” on Fox 5, Ray said that after marrying Karr, his behavior toward her turned abusive, he sexually and emotionally victimized her and maybe even drugged her. “My eyes would just be solid red [when I woke up in the morning],” she said.

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It thus extends from the largest city in Scotland to some of the country's most remote areas and, almost, to its highest village.

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