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I bet it's not your fault that it's that camera's fault but I don't know, don't read that if it is the camera's fault.Good app though if you have a i Phone, it was a time waster and good fun for babies to play with.Add some special effects like making your own face, drawing one out, or custom faces, choosing to be a crowned tiger wearing glasses drinking lemonade, just for us to be more creative instead of the usual funny faces that gets old in a day. Thought this app would work on existing photos, so I denied it access to my camera and microphone.Now all I get is constant pop ups telling me there's a privacy problem...there isn't one, not to me.

can officially join the "not a prostitute" club ...

The report reveals that it is a swapping site where users and members upload nude images to access nude images in return.

It was found that some men have even demanded nude images of specific targets.

A shocking investigation by au has revealed a disturbing, sick pornography ring of school boys who have shared nude images of female students online.

Thousands of sexually explicit images of teen girls and young women from more than 70 Australian schools based across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide have been uploaded online.

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Be amazed putting your moving mouth onto a pic of your favorite pet. New in version 2.0: - Face Goo Studio - interactive face warping!

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