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Christopher Carlson, 34, first caught the attention of passersby in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, at around 2pm on Sunday when he was spotted ambling by several shops and restaurants along the busy Massachusetts Street.Police were summoned and Carlson was taken into custody, cited for indecent exposure and slapped with a 0 fine.She believes the individuals responsible for hacking her private photos as well as the websites that encourage this detestable conduct should be prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law.”The photos were taken when Vonn and Woods were dating, according to the report.The two announced in March 2013 on social media that they were dating.A short time later, Carlson was released from the Douglas County Jail, but within minutes of regaining his freedom, the bearded man standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall again shed his clothing and resumed his naked promenade.Police learned of Carlson's second offense when at around 4.30pm they got a call from a taxi driver with Ground Transportation Services, who reported that he had picked up Carlson from the county jail and drove him downtown.“I'm definitely working extremely hard, and I feel like that has to do with the fact that this could potentially be my last Olympics,” she said earlier this summer while attending the KPGM Women's Leadership Summit.

The Naked Magicians have adopted the motto “Sleeves up, pants down.” The duo, both from Brisbane, were working magicians when they became “best mates.” It was in the height of the popularity of “Magic Mike,” the 2012 movie starring Channing Tatum as a male stripper, that the two came up with their idea, which they debuted in 2014.Kansas officials now want to turn the long-lost city — which features a still-functional water shrine on the banks of the Walnut and Arkansas rivers — into a tourist attraction.“We’re looking at creating something that could be great for the region, and for 50 years and more down the road,” said Jay Warren, an Arkansas City Council member.The driver, Matt Stockdale, tells the station KSHB Carlson seemed 'okay' to him and even engaged in some small talk during the short ride.But when it came time to pay the cab fare, Carlson could not come up with the ; the passenger then allegedly stripped naked and took off on foot.

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