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Goes Van Naters, Marinus van der Guiringard, Louis de Hallstein, Walter Le Roy de la Tournelle, Guy Roberts, Frank K.

The singer/actress, who is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, walked hand in hand with 28-year-old Karl as they left a secret Kings of Leon gig in New York City on Wednesday night (12Oct16).

Durian was born with his facial expressions opposite to everyone else.

The film shows a time span of this little boy growing into a young adult, by displaying milestones in both his real life and his imaginary world.

A very interesting research study examining the role of self-tracking and health technology in the lives of individuals with chronic conditions.

She is a former resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, who took her in from life on the road after her parents were devoured by walkers while trying to jump-start a car, and currently resides at the Hilltop with Maggie Rhee.

Though initially distrustful, and somewhat fearful, of him, she has developed a relationship with Carl Grimes, another youth who arrived at Alexandria with his group some eight months after her own arrival.

She lived with Olivia during her stay, and it took her three weeks to say a single word to anyone because of the shock that she had experienced outside.

Eight months after her arrival at the safe-zone, Enid can be seen lingering outside the walls when Rick Grimes's group approaches the safe-zone gates.

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