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Dissolve to NC facing the sky.) But I believe Nostalgia Critic can save the franchise. And I don't think taking away the snow is gonna fix that any. NC: (more fake, even louder laughter) That's so Sokka! (Movie clip is overlapped with clip of animated Sokka) Sokka (cartoon): Go back to the Fire Nation! They spend time getting to know him, warmed up to his offbeat personality, and found that they couldn't let an innocent that they've gotten to know so well be tortured by the Fire Nation. Let's make it more like that stray turtle you found on the curb of the road! But here, they just kind of blankly stare at them getting away. Well, once again, the original ingeniously tied in both backstories of Zuko and Aang together and showed that upon his discovery of being Avatar, he couldn't take the pressure and ran away, being pushed to the brink of despair and froze himself before drowning in the storm. "barrel of Miyazaki" that you could unleash with this creativity?

(NC moves out of the way as the title "Nostalgia Critic: The Last Airbender Review" appears. (Clips of several Last Airbender Vlogs spliced together) Doug Walker: I'll just go through an episode a night. (Cut to Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, to show that they are actually dark-skinned in the show) This is curious as in the show, Katara and Sokka definitely seem to have an Inuit design. (throws rock at movie Sokka) NC (vo): But things heat up (rimshot) when the evil and sinister Fire Nation arrives. NC (vo): Another interesting note -- in the movie, the Fire Nation seems very Indian or Middle-Eastern. Many consider this to be the best episode* seeing how it shows the similarities between our hero and our villain.

Because like her, Ratnamahadevi looks like she usually gets her way at whatever cost. While his look is distinctive, it was Karthi’s warrior look for Kaashmora that really deserved an applause.

When the first look was out on 18 August, fans were stumped because the actor was beyond recognition.

Cannot be blocked, dodged or parried, and has a 60% increased chance to critically strike.

Your other melee abilities have a chance to activate Overpower.

The results were often quite varied, but several names showed up frequently on the ballots.

Six of us sat down and each made a list of our ten favorite characters.

(Dissolve into first scene set up like the Avatar: The Last Airbender intro showing the Avatar DVD box sets, 3 with Katara, played by Rachel Tietz, narrating) Katara (vo): Water. But then, everything changed when the Shyamalan attacked. Note: all parts sung will be italicized and in bold) NC: Spoilers... Katara (movie) (vo): The Avatar was the only person born amongst all the nations who could master all four elements. NC (vo): But sadly, (sigh) we witness the greatest weakness of any Shyamalan film -- they start talking. NC (vo): (sarcastically) Yeah, way to use "food" twice in the same sentence, Academy Award-nominated writer. Let me know what the flying fuck has caused you to become so uninspired when this stuff has practically gift-wrapped it for you and just said, "Make me incredible!

Long ago, the three seasons lived together in harmony. Bum: Go to this part if you haven't seen the show yeeeeeeet... (Set to clips from the show going along with the lyrics set in sing-along style) (Cut to title of The Last Airbender) NC (vo): So judging from the beginning, the film actually looks pretty promising, reenacting the visuals to the show's intro rather flawlessly. Though how is it a season with 20 episodes (clip from the series intro with the caption "5 sentences" is shown) can get their backstory off faster than (cut back to movie with caption "8 sentences") an hour and a half movie can? The animated clips are from the episode "The Ember-Island Players") Sokka (movie): I saw how long the drag skids are.

The movie is reportedly a multi-genre film that will have elements of horror, comedy and action, apart from being a period drama. Also Read: Karthi’s Kashmora first look totally reminds us Baahubali’s Kalakeya!

In other news, Karthi is currently shooting for Kaatru Veliyidai opposite Aditi Rao Hydari.

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