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well I was just thinking of jewish celebrities that I saw on a website, including sarah michelle gellar, pink, gwynth paltrow, amy winehouse, sarah jessica parker, and a lot of others and they are all married to non jewish men, every one of them.

I am a Jewish woman married to a non-Jewish man, so I believe I qualify to address this isssue.

I used to think that more Jewish men than women married outside the religion simply for the reason that was what I observed happen more often.

I grew up in an area with very few Jews and only a half-dozen Jewish boys my age, none of whom were interested in asking out a girl that towered over them. Once a Jew and non-Jew have fallen in love and are considering marriage or who have already married without making crucial decisions beforehand, they will in either instance, face the issues I now will address.

Periodically, there’ll be a fuss in the broadsheet style sections about how ‘hot’ Jewish boys are now for the discerning girl on the prowl.

You may not have noticed but we’re in one of those periods right now, with shiksas queuing up for their slice of the Jewish cock. All of whom are apparently hunks du jour thanks to how ‘funny’ they are.

— Malik Shabazz (Talk | contribs) , 12 October 2007 (UTC) In my experience, "shiksa" isn't used for Gentile girls and women generally, but those who date (or marry) Jewish boys and men.

The letters ח and י (pronounced "chai") equal to 18.

The value has become a popular number that represents good luck.

You know – all that fuss over Seth from the OC, Jake Gyllenhall (yes he really is and no, I’ve never seen anyone who looks like that in shul either), Peaches Geldof’s boyfriend Fred, and other assorted pasty-skinned fellows. So funny in fact they make your clothes fall off as all reason disappears (of course, only if you’re a non-Jew that is. We’re really unattractive – physically and mentally. Truly, if the authorities want to stop Jewish boys marrying out, they need to destroy this illusion that male Jews have anything to offer.

As we chosen ones know, Jewish girls don’t do sex well). Here’s a simple checklist I’ve devised to be circulated to all non-Jewish 13-year-old girls before they get too involved with that mysterious boy in the big house across the street.

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