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If you do happen to be looking for both a job and a date at the same time, no doubt it’s going to be stressful.

If you already have a job and you’re looking for a partner to complete the picture… Launched early this October 2015, is the Philippines’ first exclusive online dating site for professionals.

Christmas is just a few week’s away, and how great would it be to spend it with family and that special someone? You say you have no special someone because you’re too busy focusing on your career right now? No matter how often you say this, a tiny part of you still wants to dive into the dating scene. The goodness that companionship gives isn’t something to be underestimated — otherwise, we wouldn’t be going out of our way trying to meet new people, having our friends set us up, and we definitely would not be using apps like Tinder.

But dipping your toes in the dating scene can be just as hard, sometimes harder than looking for a job.

Meeting someone online is not desperate; it’s actually convenient and helpful for busy people to at least have someone to talk to.

The site seeks to bring together driven professionals and hopefully transform them into friends, colleagues, business partners, and maybe more.

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In an interview, founder and CEO Jean-Jacques Lafon says, “a lot of people still think dating sites are for people who are ‘desperately looking for love’ – Diptyc is simple all about connecting likeminded people who you would not necessarily cross paths with in your real life.

It’s about making your network a lot bigger.” Online dating is simple—it connects you with other people outside your circle. You never know, you might just be lucky enough to meet a special someone—someone who’d end up as a close friend, or a business partner, or a professional connection, or even the person who would make you all Dindin Reyes is a yoga instructor, teaching Vinyasa and Hatha classes.

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Some beg and some steal, the latter causes the rise of the crime rates in the country.

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