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While it's fine to skip updates for minor versions, do not try to upgrade from one major version to another major version while skipping one or more in your config/uses the 'mysql2' adapter, then only the mysql2 gem will be installed).Don't forget to re-run `bundle install` when you change config/for using other database adapters.

Enable Rendering - enable=Set Focus - focus=Get External Object Property - object Name=s, property Name=Successfully initialized the graphics device.d, device Error String=Create Device - Failed to create the device.

All we have to do is: git:sub:commit # git commit for submodules git:sub:diff # git diff for submodules git:sub:for_each # Execute a command in the root directory of each submodule.\ Requires DO='command' environment variable.

If you run on Postgre SQL and get a message about , open a new shell, and run it again.

These issues may happen periodically and should be resolved within a few minutes.

Cannot Login / Stuck at Load Screen / New Character Missing The login servers are currently experiencing higher than average load, which can cause recently created characters to not appear, loading screens to appear stuck, and long login times.

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