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Africans and African-American slaves could obtain the necessary materials and construct...We also promptly purchase other older banjos with names like: Kel Kroydon, Recording King, Studio King, S. Stewart, Truett, Kalamazoo, Charles Mc Neil and Ward.I strive to keep the largest selection on hand at all times.The Jim Mills Banjo Showroom is over 1,000 square feet dedicated solely to Prewar Gibson Banjos and related memorabilia. Where else can you sit down, relax and enjoy 5 completely original, Prewar Flathead, 5-String Gibson Mastertones in one place at one time in peace and quiet and with a good cup of coffee?

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Some of the banjos that were started in the early 1930s were still on hand in the period 1934-1939 and orders for banjos that came in after 1934 were finished using these parts.

One theory is that when the original purchaser ordered the tenor banjo, circa 1937, the 20-hole flathead ring was installed as standard. While Gibson produced literally thousands of banjos prior to WWII, only a handful were made in the now most desirable configuration: the Original Flathead Five-String Mastertone.

If you are considering buying, selling or trading any pre war Gibson banjo or any related parts, please call or e-mail me first.

I can travel anywhere and I pay good prices promptly! Please call or e-mail today for an appointment to see, play or discuss the larg est selection of guaranteed original, 1930’s Prewar Gibson Conversion Banjos as well as fully original Prewar Flathead Mastertones.

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APPRAISER: So obviously your grandfather had very good taste in instruments, not only for sound, but for quality. On the inside rim, we have the stamp that says, "Patent applied for." And that is the clue that it is actually from the 1930s. Appraiser affiliations: Finally, the affiliation of the appraiser may have changed since the appraisal was recorded.

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