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Erected on Mount Lee in 1923 to advertise a housing development, it is closed off to the public.

So fans tempted to recreate the romantic moment won't be able to do it.

She has recently begun thinking of adventure, and helping Doc Mitchell with thewounded stranger in town seems to her like it might be her ticket out..

Can you help Delilah achieve her goals of becoming a legitimate Mojave MD and finding her true calling?

Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd released the surreal music video for their dreamy duet Lust For Life on Monday.

The 31-year-old singer showed off some moves with backup dancers at the start of the five minute and 18 second clip before apparently climbing up the steps on the side of the H of the 45ft-tall Hollwood sign.

DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE IF YOU'RE PLAYING WITH DELILAH NOW!!Born in Baltimore, Maryland to a conservative middle-class family, Milstead developed an early interest in drag while working as a women's hairdresser.By the mid-1960s he had embraced the city's countercultural scene and befriended Waters, who gave him the name "Divine" and the tagline of "the most beautiful woman in the world, almost." Along with his friend David Lochary, Divine joined Waters' acting troupe, the Dreamlanders, and adopted female roles for their experimental short films Roman Candles (1966), Eat Your Makeup (1968), and The Diane Linkletter Story (1969).She lived with her father and his tribal bodyguard, Sulik until their deaths.She is Doc Mitchell's nurse, and has an aptitude for medicine.

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(ie; heal health & limbs, cure addictions, remove poison, & remove radiation)- 2 fully-functioning menus (combat menu & medical) usable in and out of combat- Essential and Weapon Alert toggles [in dialogue]- Affected by the Ferocious Loyalty perk- Scripted to use Stimpaks/Super Stimpaks, Antivenom, & Med-X at appropriate times in and out of combat (ie; after critical hits, when health gets low, etc)Delilah is located in the house next to Chet's store in Goodsprings. LWIDSkeet for his excellent work on the audio files, playtesting, and moral support.

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