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I also later had a baby outside of marriage, which probably goes some (though definitely not all) of the way to speaking for itself. And the problem with that is that we cheapen our own values and make God look like an outdated dictator. My heart wasn’t in it for ages; I wanted the prestige of virginity without doing any of the groundwork, and I didn’t start on the groundwork until I was ten wrong decisions into the journey. I needed to own my values and rediscover God’s heart on the matter, which meant asking myself a series of uncomfortable questions: ‘How much of my current belief about sex is just unhelpful indoctrination?

You notice that once people get to their mid-twenties, everyone suddenly goes silent about still being virgins. ’, ‘If there are no immediate negative consequences to dry-humping this guy I’m dating, will my values and beliefs still stand? I’ve arrived at this point though: I’m not a virgin, and there’s still redemption available for me.

But in this case, there are plenty of passages that clearly apply.

Turning 40 in a year, single no prospects and freaking out. I wrote mainly about swearing, but the hypocrisy that piqued my interest the most was the obsession many young Christians have with claiming to be virgins ’til marriage. I know all about this obsession, because I was an ‘obsessee’: I had the purity ring, the little ‘teen creed’ poem stuck on my mirror and the stern looks from my youth workers at the mention of a boyfriend. It would just yell loud and clear that what we call sacred is actually just an inconvenient ‘rule’ we have to shimmy around. The biblical and godly response for those who care about the other person and about God’s will and desire to please Him is to flee temptation. Compare the following: Contrary to the claims of our president about sex, kissing and heavy petting is sexual and a part of the sexual relationship of intimacy called foreplay.In discussing the beauty of sexual intimacy and how it can be a magnet that protects us from adultery, the writer of Proverbs had the following to say …

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