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and neither is her fellow season one alum, Astro, which can't be a good sign.

Kelly • Simon Cowell • Leann Rimes • Demi Lovato • X Factor • Melanie Amaro • Chris Rene • Reality TV • Fifth Harmony and the finalists are getting ready to earn your votes on Wednesday night!

We think it’s a total shame if Epic really did drop Melanie, seeing as she has SO much talent and such a remarkable voice!

Unfortunately, it seems as though not enough support was put behind her in the long-run. We wish Melanie the best of luck in the future, though, no matter what the outcome!

We asked creator and head judge Simon Cowell, who said with a smirk like he’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, “You know the answer to that …

and well-pointed out two hours later.” He then defended the singer, who was a second-chance addition (a la this season's Diamond White) and his own mentee, adding that the snub “wasn't deliberate.” PHOTOS: ' X Factor' Season 2: Meet the Contestants No doubt he had plenty on his mind, what with that red carpet-Christmas extravaganza to navigate, his boys One Direction in town and the still lingering aftertaste of curious performances from the previous night (we're looking at you, Leann Rimes).

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